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Come with me on this journey. I am sure you know the saying "I want to live on an island", well that is how I came to feel throughout 2017. So much turmoil, so much deception, in this world of ours. I went from sadness, to anger to disbelieve almost every day. I can't remember life being so complicated. I lived long enough to have seen much. I lived in three different countries and visited a few other ones. I have experienced a lot. Some terrible things but very good things. For some reason and I am still trying to figure it out, life has become divisive among different people. Tolerance is waning, logic and reason is dwindling. There is a viciousness of spirit. What is happening to us earthling humans? The though of "I want to live on an island came up a lot, but even that did not seem far enough and secluded enough for my taste right now. As if my feelings were heard by the universe, I get an email with an mysterious invite. "Come with us, to the future, travel to the place beyond your reality!" it said. I was ready for anything. I immediately accepted. What followed will be described in these paintings and in the stories that go with the art. Follow my journey. As far as buying the original art, they are on Buy your art prints here today. Let 's go on this voyage together. Shall we?

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